Sun Salutation Yoga Flow


The Sun Salutation is a classic vinyasa flow that can be used as a warm-up for a full yoga class or as a stand-alone practice.

It is a series of postures or asanas that aim to physically, mentally, and energetically awaken the body.

Katimera Yoga Sun Salutation Flow incorporates various classic yoga poses into the traditional yoga Sun Salutation to provide you with the best and most unique experience with the perfect flow of energy.

Completing one set of traditional Sun Salutations is enough to flood the nervous system with solar energy, balancing emotions and increasing higher cerebral activity.

As a result, if practiced as a full yoga class on its own, incorporates several classic yoga postures into the flow, will provide you with the greatest benefits from the Sun Salutation.

This is an intensive practice therefore it is suitable to individuals who are intermediate level in their yoga practice or have a yoga background.

This is due to the fact that you must be familiar with at least the Sun Salutation and the majority of the basic yoga poses in order to get the most out of this practice.

Allow me to guide you through the flow of practice and help to bring you to the next level of greatest experience from the practice.


Katimera Yoga Sun Salutation Yoga Flow

Private Class

  • 1 - 3 pax (exclusive class)

Duration: 1 hr 15 min

Timing: Please advise your preferable day and time

Package A: 

  • No. of session: 12 
  • Course fee: S$1,388

 Package B:

  • No. of session: 8
  • Course fee: S$1,088

Package C:

  • No. of session: 4
  • Course fee: S$599

Single Session:

  • No. of session: 1
  • Lesson fee: S$160


  • Private Studio in Singapore (location to be advise)
  • Your place in Singapore
  • Virtual Class (For local & international)


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