Katimera Meditative Yoga

Katimera Meditative Yoga aims to help you to increase your mindfulness and self awareness internally & externally of the pranic energy flow which is actually your life force energy to tap into the potential of your self healing power inside you.

It's a combination of yoga and meditation into One which helps you to practice yoga in a meditative state of mind in each and every movement to build up your awareness and mindfulness.

It is a form of moving meditation.  Meditation can be considered a part of the yoga lifestyle.

Meditation involves the pursuit of mental stability, while yoga involves both physical and mental exercise. The practice known as yoga primarily involves poses and breathing exercises, while meditation is about concentration.

You will eventually be able to learn how to face the adversities in your everyday routine with enough physical and mental strength.

You will get to enjoy meditation itself at the end through Meditative Yoga and connect to your inner self, finding the peace in you.


Katimera Meditative Yoga Class

Private Class

  • 1 - 3 pax (exclusive class)

Duration: 1 hr 15 min

Timing: Please advise your preferable day and time

Package A: 

  • No. of session: 12 
  • Course fee: S$1,388

 Package B:

  • No. of session: 8
  • Course fee: S$1,088

Package C:

  • No. of session: 4
  • Course fee: S$599

Single Session:

  • No. of session: 1
  • Lesson fee: S$160


  • Private Studio in Singapore (location to be advise)
  • Your place in Singapore
  • Virtual Class (For local & international)


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    • PayPal

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