LIVE Virtual Yoga Pranayama & Meditation Group Class

Our minds and emotions are inextricably tied to prana, or life force. When our prana, or life force, fluctuates, our mind experiences an emotional roller coaster.

When your prana is low, you are more prone to experience negative feelings such as melancholy, rage, heaviness, a sense of being low, regret, and general negativity.

When your prana level is high, you are bound to feel good feelings such as joy, excitement, happiness, and a surge of high that comes from inside.

Prana is the universal life force, and Ayama means to regulate, expand, or dimension. They are one of the most efficient methods of preparing your body and mind for deeper meditation.

One cannot handle the mind from the level of the mind.

Pranayama is what helps us improve our prana—the key is in our breath! Our breath is the link that links our body and mind. Our emotions are inextricably related to how we breathe.

When we begin to pay attention to our breath and control it, we get closer to a new dimension inside ourselves that is filled with serenity and joy.

As prana increases in the body with the aid of these breathing methods, one begins to sense a transformation as a direct experience rather than a forced mental activity.

Pranayama, in its most basic form, prepares you for meditation. Meditation is a deliberate skill of doing nothing, which may be difficult for many of us to practice given our continual need to perform in order to accomplish something.

Pranayamas make it easier and more natural for us to meditate. When prana flows easily and without resistance through the body-mind complex, you are more likely to feel centered and meditate better and deeper.

Pranayamas are a mechanism that eliminates the need for you to ‘focus' or ‘concentrate' in order to dive into yourself, since breath is the most powerful and easiest instrument for uniting the mind, body, and spirit in meditative awareness.


LIVE Virtual Yoga Pranayama & Meditation Group Class 


Duration: 1 hr

Package: 4 sessions

Timing: 8 pm on every Thursday

Course Fee: S$60 (30 days validity from date of class start)

Venue: Virtual Class (For local & international)

Class start: 2/12/21 (Thu)

Min pax to start class: 8

Closing date for registration: 17/11/21 (*Registration is required)

Course Payment Date:

  • Start: 18/11/21
  • Due: 19/11/21


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