Customised Private Yoga Class @ Katimera Yoga

A special private yoga class which is being designed and customised just for you in order to help you meet your health and body conditions, need and purpose in life. 


Feel free to arrange for a free consultation with me so that I can help you to design and customise the class just for you.


Customised Private Yoga Class


Private Class

  • 1 - 3 pax (exclusive & customised class)

Duration1 hr 15 min

TimingPlease advise your preferable day and time

Package A: 

  • No. of sessions: 12
  • Course fee: S$1,488

Package B:

  • No. of sessions: 8
  • Course fee: S$1,188

Package C:

  • No. of sessions: 4
  • Course fee: S$650

Single Session:

  • No. of session: 1
  • Lesson fee: S$170


  • Private Studio in Singapore (location to be advise)
  • Your place in Singapore
  • Virtual Class (For local & international)


    Payment Mode:

    • PayNow 
    • Bank Transfer
    • PayPal

    For booking or enquiry, please email to