About Me

Hello all, welcome to Katimera Yoga!

Ka-ti-me-ra is my gifted name, which simply means to be passionate and empathetic in all that you do. However, many also know me by the name of Janet.

These 19 Years of practicing Yoga has not only led me to gain a wide range of knowledge in this industry but everyday, I grew stronger and wiser as I understand my physical body and my mental strength better through Yoga training. I also learnt how to heal myself without the use of medication, and to be able to stay positive despites the many challenges and adversities that I've faced in my life.

Seeing the wonders this simple yet magical practice has done for me, I felt determine to share this joy, fulfilment and knowledge I have gained to those around me so that perhaps one day Yoga can too help them in a similar manner.

My Goal:

Yoga should be something that people from all walks of life can enjoy and thus my goal is to make Yoga as accessible and easily understood as possible for those who attend my lesson. 

My Mission:

Is to enrich people with the knowledge of self-healing and discovery through the practice of Yoga