Overcome Your Fear, Clear Your Body Energy Blockage

The Universe is made up of matter and energy, and that includes us. We are all energy bodies and our internal energy is the one that empowers us to have the capacity to move, to work, to do things and to move forward.

However, during those processes, we may physically or mentally hurt ourselves, causing pain. And sometimes, it may merely be just a physical pain. It could also be caused by a form of energy blockage in that certain part of our body.

When we suffer pain from our body, usually we will try various ways to ease the pain. But many times it does not completely heal because we have not reach the root of the problem. We only fix it on the surface but not all the way inside.

Therefore, in order to completely remove the pain from the body, we have to get to the root cause, clear the blockage of the energy and allow the energy flow again.

What truly causes energy blockage?

More than the physical aspect, energy blockages are normally caused by emotional reasons. Energy that are stuck in our body are energy that doesn't serve our well-being which also known as negative energy or low vibration energy.

Fear, anger, sadness, depress, stress, etc are known as negative energy or low vibration energy.  Love, happy, calm, relax, etc are known as positive energy or high vibration energy.

If we have any experience of negative energy in life but we did not resolve and let go in time, it will also get stuck in certain part of our body.  Overtime, this will accumulate and cause the energy blockage to happen. 

To avoid this from happening, we should always be aware of our own surroundings and ourselves. We should also learn how to attune ourselves so we can live in the moment. I will be posting about it soon, do look out for it!

How can we clear Energy Blockages?

I would love to share one of my past experience and realization as an example to help you understand better.

Before I started practicing yoga, I've had a bone fracture on my right foot caused by a fall. Since then, my right leg is always weak.

When I attend my first yoga lesson, we were taught to do the Tree pose. But because of the injury, I was not able to balance well on my right leg. Since then, fear arises every time I do the same exercise on my right leg.

Slowly, I accepted things as it is and eventually stopped trying. My instructor figured out what was happening and encouraged me to face my fears and to overcome it. He told me. "It is not your injury that is stopping you, but your fear. Remove your energy blockage and you will eventually succeed as long as you keep on trying."

I didn't success the first time, or the second or the fourth. However, I was determined to continue to fight against this negativity inside me and to clear this energy blockage that I am experiencing.

And today, I m proud to say that my right leg has become even stronger than my left!

Do not give up, overcome your fears!

Failures are not something that we should fear, and fear should not be a permanent residence in our life. We often experience failures because we fear and we give up along the way.

We can only succeed if we learn how to overcome this fear and negativity inside of us. My journey is still going on. I do have blockage energy stuck in my body too which I'm still working on it.

Yoga will help to build up your awareness because you need to have that self  awareness in the first place before you can work on your realization by overcome your condition.

You are not alone. Never give up. No one will give up on you unless you give up yourself.