Benefits of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

Surya Namaskar, also known as Sun Salutation, is an ancient practice for paying gratitude to the sun. The 12 postures are a way of showing appreciation to the source of all life on Earth.


The Science of Surya Namaskar

To understand the physics underlying this old approach is critical. This will assist you in approaching this strong yoga practice with the proper mindset.

According to ancient Indian sages, various energies control different areas of the body. For example, the solar plexus, which is positioned behind the navel, is linked to the Sun.

Sun Salutation practice on a regular basis increases the growth of the solar plexus. This, in turn, boosts your creativity and intuition.


When can I practice Surya Namaskar?

Sun Salutation can be performed at any time of day. It is, however, better to do it at sunrise and sunset. This is when the sun's rays might assist to rejuvenate the body and mind.

There are advantages to performing Sun Salutation at other times of the day as well. When done in the afternoon, it quickly energizes your body, but when done at night, it helps you unwind.


Can you practice it at your own pace?

These three pace changes will help you reap the most advantages from Sun Salutation:

Slow: This will assist your body become more flexible.

Medium: This is beneficial for muscular toning.

Fast: This is a fantastic cardiovascular workout that also assists in weight loss.


What are the benefits of doing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)?

Sun Salutation has several advantages. It aids in the proper functioning of the body and mind. Here are some of the advantages of Sun Salutation:

  • The postures are a great blend of warm-ups and asanas
  • It contributes to your overall health and well-being
  • Regular practice develops bodily harmony
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Tones the digestive tract and strengthens the heart
  • Stimulates stomach muscles, the respiratory system, the lymphatic system, the spinal cord, and other internal organs.
  • Tone the muscles in the spine, neck, shoulder, arms, hands, wrist, back, and legs, increasing total flexibility.
  • Psychologically, it manages the connection of the body, breath, and mind, making you calmer and more energetic with increased awareness.


Sun Salutation is also excellent for weight loss, skin care, and hair care.

Benefits of Sun Salutation for Weight Loss

  • It is a strenuous physical activity that works every aspect of the body
  • You may gradually increase the number of rounds and watch the pounds melt away. Bends and stretches aid in the even loss of fat.

Benefits of Sun Salutation for Hair

  • Sun Salutation increases blood circulation to the scalp, which helps to prevent hair loss.
  • The increased blood flow feeds the scalp and promotes healthy hair development.

Benefits of Sun Salutation for Glowing Skin

  • Sun Salutation increases blood circulation to all areas of the body, which helps to keep the skin youthful.
  • It boosts your energy and vigor, making your face radiate with brightness. This aids in the maintenance of the skin's firmness.
  • Sun Salutation reduces the appearance of wrinkles by reducing stress in the body and mind.


Benefits of Sun Salutation for Children

  • Children are exposed to stress and anxiety at a young age.  Sun Salutation assists youngsters in calming their minds, improving focus, and increasing endurance.
  • It alleviates anxiety and restlessness, especially during tests.
  • Sun Salutation practice on a regular basis also provides the body with strength and energy.
  • It also promotes muscular development and increases physical flexibility.


Benefits of Sun Salutation for Women

  • Sun Salutation is a blessing for everyone who is concerned about their health.
  • Some of the Sun Salutation postures might help you shed belly fat and remain in shape healthily.
  • These postures stimulate sluggish glands, such as the thyroid, causing it to boost hormone production.
  • Sun Salutation practice on a daily basis helps women manage irregular menstrual cycles and aids in childbirth.
  • It also makes the skin shine and reduces wrinkles.


Sun Salutation improves intuition.

Regular sun salutation and meditation practice helps the almond-sized solar plexus expand to the size of one's hand.

This solar plexus expansion improves your intuition and offers you more concentration.

Contraction of the solar plexus, on the other hand, can contribute to depression and other negative inclinations.


As a result, it is strongly recommended that you practice Sun Salutation on a daily basis to gain its numerous benefits.

Yoga practice benefits both the body and the mind, but it is not a replacement for medicine.

It is important to learn and practice yoga under the guidance of a certified Yoga Teacher. If you have a medical problem, only practice yoga after checking with your doctor.

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